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Tynice's Story

Tynice bought her first home with a mortgage loan from DC Credit Union. She appreciated the team's passion and help through the process of becoming a homeowner.
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Finding the perfect lender, and an advocate she could count on, helped her get a home to call her own

It was the most amazing experience working with the staff at DC Credit Union. Carla Decker was very available, friendly and informative. She answered any and all of my questions.

Tynice was ready to buy a home at age 25, and she was looking for a lender who could walk her through the process, and who was familiar with co-ops. She found that not many people are familiar with buying into co-ops, so was pleasantly surprised that DC Credit Union had experience with them and even offers Co-op Home Loans. “Where I live is a co-op. A lot of people aren’t familiar with co-ops, but DC Credit Union knew the best way to deal with them,” says Tynice. “That made it very easy—it was a smooth process.”

While she was going through the lending process, she started with work with Carla Decker at DC Credit Union. She appreciates how informative, friendly and supportive the customer service was.
Tynice explains, “It wasn’t difficult at all getting my home loan. Carla was on my team—she expedited everything, talked to whoever she needed to talk to, told me what I needed to do and when. She was amazing.”

And getting her house has been a transformative experience for Tynice. “Owning my own home is indescribable. Sometimes I forget I own it and I’m like, ‘Oh my goodness, this is mine.’ This is my safe space. It’s just an indescribable feeling.

“Personally, getting my mortgage and moving into my own home at age 25 has just been an amazing experience. It makes me feel like an adult, finally. It makes me feel great.”

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