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Fees and Disclosures

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It’s important that you know and understand your rights and responsibilities when it comes to your membership and your financial products. Take the time to review your agreements and contact us if you have any questions.
Schedule of Fees

Fee Type

Fee Amount

Account Conversion


ATM per Transaction


ATM and Debit Card or PIN Replacement


Visa Credit Card Replacement


Inactive account fee (if no account activity in 12 consecutive months)


Low balance fee (below $5)/month


Money Orders Fee


Overdraft Fee


Printout of Account Statements (Avoid by printing account statements directly from ItsME247 online banking)


Returned ACH Fee


Returned Check Fee


Share Draft Photocopy (Avoid by printing copy directly from ItsME247 online banking)


Stop payment on personal share draft, official credit union check or money order


Travelers Checks 

1.50% of purchase

Domestic Bank-to-bank Wire Transfers


International Bank-to-bank Wire Transfers


Accounts closed within 6 months of opening


Account Transfer Fee (Reg D/Account Transfer Fee (Reg D/6 per month)


International Remittances

Varies by country and account

Legal action (tax liens, levies,
garnishments, etc.)


Official Check Withdrawal Fee (over 1 per day, not including transfers)


Research of an Account

$25.00 per hour

Reset PIN for ItsME247 Online Banking


Returned Mail Handling Fee 


Verification of Deposit


Visa Cash Advance Fee (non-members)


3x5 Safe Deposit Boxes

$25 rental cost per year

3x10 Safe Deposit Boxes

$50 rental cost per year

5x10 Safe Deposit Boxes

$75 rental cost per year

Courtesy Pay/Honor Fee


Express Delivery- VISA Check Card


IRA Early Withdrawal Fee (Before age 59 1/2)


Shared Branch Transaction Fee


Telephone Transfer Fee (Over the Phone)


Returned Mail

If you have a change of address, please be sure to let us know. It is very costly for the Credit Union to handle returned mail. That’s why we charge a Returned Mail Handling Fee of $5.00. This fee is only charged to the account one time. After that‚ the member’s account will be flagged not to receive additional mail.

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