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A simple, free, and easy checking account.

With DC Credit Union’s Checking Account, it’s incredibly easy to make purchases, move your money, and manage your day-to-day finances. There’s no fee, regardless of your balance, and it even earns money when you maintain a balance of $300 or more.
  • No minimum balance
  • No fees or monthly charges
  • Free VISA® Check and ATM card
  • Insured by NCUA to $250,000
  • Earn dividends on balances of $300 and higher
  • Counts towards your CU*Perks eligibility
  • Flexible access through our branches, telephone banking, and It'sMe247 online & mobile banking*

Reclaim your dreams for the future.

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“Being a part of the credit union has changed my life. I can put my money away in checking and savings, I can transfer money easily. It’s really wonderful.”
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VISA Check and ATM Cards

As part of your DC Credit Union account, you are eligible to apply for a Visa Check and ATM Card. This card gives you convenient access to a worldwide network for merchants and ATMs, so you can make purchases, deposit checks and take out cash.

Use your card wherever Visa debit cards are accepted. And using your card regularly gets you closer to our CU*Perks program, where you get additional benefits as a member.

Try the new CardNav app! Protect your debit card with real-time control.

Now you can instantly set the terms for when, where and how your debit cards are used.

With the free CardNav app, you can use your smartphone to set how, when and where your debit card can be used—giving you unprecedented security and control. Instantly set your card preferences and receive convenient alerts so you can monitor card usage and track your spending. Use CardNav to stay on budget, keep safe while traveling, or just monitor your account for fraudulent activity.

To get started, download the app, set up your account and add your DC Credit Union debit card. You’ll then be able to set control and alert preferences for your card using your smartphone. Empower yourself with more security and control!

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Watch the video to learn more about CardNav!

Overdraft Protection

We all make mistakes, but we want to help you avoid those “uh-oh” moments. If you bounce a check or your balance falls below zero, Overdraft Protection will cover it. You can cover any overages on your checking account with funds from your Share Savings account. If you choose, you can also combine this with an Overdraft Protection Line of Credit. This line of credit, usually between $500 and $2000, is used to protect against overdrafts and subsequent fees. The funds are made available automatically when your checking account falls below zero.

Apply for an Overdraft Line of Credit online or email us to authorize Overdraft Protection from your Share Savings Account.

Ordering checks

Time to reorder checks? It’s easy to do online. Visit our check reorder site and get new checks with just a few clicks.

Reorder checks online

Direct Deposit

Have your paycheck, social security, federal benefits, or retirement checks deposited directly into your
DC Credit Union account. It’s secure, easy and fast. Set it up with whoever issues your check. Our routing number is 254074455.

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By using the right combination of DC Credit Union services, you’ll qualify for our CU*Perks member loyalty program. Perks include:

  • Free ATM transactions
  • Free shared branch transactions
  • Free telephone transfers
  • Free official checks
  • Free money orders
  • Special CU*Perks members-only offers

Learn how to qualify for CU*Perks

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CardNav is a free app that enables control, security and financial visibility via your mobile phone. It lets you manage your debit on-the-go with an intuitive mobile app.

CardNav lets you:

  • Turn your card on and off instantly
  • Set a location boundary where your card can be used (Washington D.C., for example)
  • Keep your card active only around your immediate location
  • Use the card for online purchases then turn it off after orders are placed
  • Restrict card to work only with certain types of merchants (i.e. allow grocery stores while turning off restaurants)
  • Set spending limits for card transaction, to keep spending in check
  • Get instant alerts every time your card is used

To start using CardNav, download the app from the Apple App Store or from Google Play, set up your account and add your DC Credit Union debit card(s). You’ll then be able to set your control and alert preferences for each of your DC Credit Union debit cards.

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Great question! There are multiple ways you can find out your balance:

Log on to ItsMe247 online or mobile banking. You’ll not only find your balance but a list of all your transactions (even credits, like payroll, that are about to post).
Call CU*Talk! Dial 877-784-5551, option 2 and follow the prompts to learn your balance (and much more!)
Use an ATM machine and select balance inquiry. There is never a fee to make a balance inquiry.
Call us at 877-784-5551 or visit a branch location.

To report your lost or stolen Visa® Check Card card, please call 877-784-5551 during business hours or call 800-754-4128 after hours.

In addition to the six DC Credit Union ATMs that can be found at our branches, you can also visit any Citibank branch and use their ATMs for free.

You also have access to thousands of surcharge-free ATMs nationwide, but please note that DC Credit Union charges a foreign ATM fee to use these machines. If you qualify for CU*Perks we waive this fee. Learn how to qualify for CU*Perks

Call us at 877-784-5551, option 1 to speak to a Member Service Representative who will assist you.

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